Key to church revitalization, effective discipleship, community impact and spiritual awakening is engaging followers of Jesus in living their faith outside the church walls, Monday through Friday! Learn More
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March 2015: Hope Rising

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April 2015: God Breathed

Free Resources Now Available!
Downstream in America, we find the symptoms and signs of church irrelevance, fragmented relationships, cultural decay, moral decline, and love growing cold… but Upstream, we find hope through unified, prevailing prayer, pastor renewal, courageous preaching, and a prayer-care-share lifestyle among Christ-followers. Learn More
The Great Commandment Network (GCN) is an international collaborative network of strategic Kingdom leaders who prioritize the powerful simplicity of the words of Jesus to love God, love others, and see others become His followers (Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20). The GCN team has developed these Preach 2 Engage resources in support of this Awakening America Alliance initiative.