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January 2018

Conversation With God:
A Disciple's Priority and Privilege

February 2018

Featured Resource for Spirit-empowered Discipleship
Conversation With God Resource Kit
​Conversation with God shares spiritual insights and provides a clear path for all people to experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer.
This kit includes:
  • 8 softcover copies of Conversation with God
  • The Spirit-Empowered Faith self-assessment
  • 50-page sermon/teaching outlines on the Spirit-Empowered Faith Discipleship Framework: Love the Lord, Live His Word, Love People, Live His Mission
Join author Brian Sutton on Sunday, January 7th at 7pm Eastern time for a live simulcast on Conversation With God.  Information on how to join the simulcast will be available at
​"The personal experiences of Pastor Sutton relating to the power of prayer and its impact on his life add an indisputable value to this book. He shares examples of family and others who have influenced his prayer life, which provides us with great insight as to why Pastor Sutton is so committed to this vital subject. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this book will bring each of us into a dramatic awakening of the spiritual life through fervent, effectual, and persistent prayer."
- Lamar Vest, Former President and CEO of American Bible Society
Downstream in America, we find the symptoms and signs of church irrelevance, fragmented relationships, cultural decay, moral decline, and love growing cold… but Upstream, we find hope through unified, prevailing prayer, pastor renewal, courageous preaching, and a prayer-care-share lifestyle among Christ-followers.
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The Great Commandment Network works alongside Awakening America to develop the resources of Preach2Engage. (GCN) is an international, collaborative network of strategic Kingdom leaders who prioritize the powerful simplicity of the words of Jesus to love God, love others, and see others become His followers (Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20).