Plan and Prepare to Bless Your Pastor

In September or earlier:

​Download the FREE 50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor and choose some ideas to put into action. A loving and supportive body of believers will LIFT up God’s servants as they strive to:„
  • Love the Lord 
  • „Love their spouse
  • „Love their children and family
  • „Love neighbors through doing life with other Jesus followers
  • „Lovingly witness through imparting their very lives and the gospel

Resources to Bless Your Pastor

Bless your pastor and spouse with a gifted Reboot Retreat in cooperation with the Christian Hospitality Network. A VISA giftcard can be used at any CHN location.  Pastor discounts range from 25-50% off. Sun-Thursday nights are most available, and a $300-500 gift card would typically cover a multi-night stay. This process will give your ministry couple the privilege of selecting the bed and breakfast location that blesses them most. Visit

Download the Great Commandment Network App.
Encourage your pastors to try some of the Reboot Spiritual Life prayer experiences as part of their retreat. Click here to learn more and get started! is a tremendous resource for finding ways to bless, honor, and support pastors and their families.

Plan Your Celeberation

 1. Download the 50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor flier, the Presentation Guide, and certificate for a planning meeting with your deacons, elders, or lay leaders. Make plans to affirm each of your ministers and families.
2. Schedule the appreciation event, service, or reception and promote them using the resources on the October Free Resources page. (Poster, bulletin insert) Make sure to edit the poster and certificate to include ministers' and family names, plus date of appreciation event.
3. Download the Great Commandment Network app, in the App Store or Google Play, to familiarize yourself and then assist your ministers in doing the same; The Reboot Spiritual Life program in the app is a perfect resource for your pastor's self-guided Reboot Retreat. The Reboot app and ministry discounts are a part of the Lift Pastors Appreciation initiative and brought to you by the Great Commandment Network and their Reboot Leaders resource team.
4. At your appreciation event, present the Appreciation Certificate (after editing names), and any gifts, then print and distribute the bulletin insert entitled, "50 Ways to Bless your Pastor" for your entire congregation.