Prayer Engagement Strategies

Jesus-followers find hope in the midst of the culture's symptoms, when they engage in a rhythm of unified, prevailing prayer! 

2016 Current Strategies

March: Praying With Jesus 

Christ Awakening Indicators: Prevailing Prayer: Churches passionately pursuing the well-being of their community through planting of new congregations, re-vitalizing existing churches, benevolent ministries, practical service, and focused evangelism.
Pray for Church Leaders: denominations, and church network leaders, Christian college and seminary administrations and professors, para-church ministry leaders, pastors, youth and childrens' leaders. 

February: Praying With Jesus 

Christ Awakening Indicators: Prevailing Prayer: Join Jesus followers believing God for a decrease in divorces and renewed commitment to marriage between a man and a woman in covenant relationship as God intends and Righteous relations between men and women: decrease in divorce rates, cohabitation, same-sex relations, sexual abuse, sexual trafficking, out of wedlock children, and STDs.
​Pray for and with pre-married and married couples, teens, and college students, asking God to protect and strengthen their relationships.
​If we win the spiritual battles across our nation but neglect our college campuses, all our progress will be undone in a generation. This generation needs our unified prayer. Visit  for more info.

January: Praying With Jesus 

Christ Awakening Indicators: Prevailing Prayer: Amplified participation in corporate as well as individual prayer, fasting, and other spiritual disciplines leading to more effective discipleship,
Children Care: Increased care of children as "gifts from the Lord" as the gospel addresses abortion, adoption, foster care, and child well-being.
​Pray for and with those who care for children—nurses and physicians, workers in pregnancy care centers, adoption, foster care, day care and preschool teachers, social workers and counselors—asking God to set them apart in this critical work.

Begin the New Year with 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

​We believe a Spirit-empowered faith will move us beyond mere obedience to Christ or even desperation for God to an intense longing for deeper relationship with Him.
​January 10–31, the Awakening America Alliance is partnering with dozens of national ministries to join our voices in Praying with Jesus to RESET Our Generation. Thousands of Christ-followers are uniting in a 21-day, corporate fast and nightly prayer calls (9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST), featuring special guests. 
​These influential leaders are contributing authors to a dynamic, new resource—Praying with Jesus—which we are offering as your prayer guide during these 21-days.

​Prayer brings the body of Christ together. In this community of prayer we celebrate our differences but unite with one heart for God's kingdom to rule in our lives. We consider every voice valuable! Our social networks allow you speak your heart, ask for prayer and pray for others. Our ministry partners include some of America's finest prayer organizations, each with their own distinct message worth hearing. You can also pray for others and ask for prayer in our Facebook Community.
“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." 
Matthew 18: 19