Available May 2016

Honor Your Father: Reset My Family Legacy

Listen carefully and you will hear it…the heart cry for fathers.
Your own heart may be longing for a spiritual father or a mentor. your children might be missing the loving protection and consistent presence of a dad. You may be burdened by the epidemic of fatherlessness in our generation and your heart aches because of the painful suffering it has produced. What's the answer to these cries of the heart?

Honor Your Father:Reset My Family Legacy tackles challenging topics like:
How to honor "imperfect" fathers
How spiritual fathers (and mothers) can reset a family legacy…in spite of others' failures
Becoming a father who is worthy of honor
Bringing honor to your children's mother

Including 80 different exercises designed to help you honor your heavenly Father, pray for your family's legacy, develop a tribute to your father, and pass on a generational blessing to your children, this resource will equip you to honor your father and reset your family legacy!
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Honor Your Father includes articles from some of the most notable authors of our day:
Ted Baehr and Pat Boone, Carey Casey, Jim Daly, Brian Doyle, Barbara Doyle, Tony Dungy, Nick Hall, Josh McDowell, Dennis Rainey, John Trent and Gary Smalley, Roland Warren, Mark Williams, and Billy Wilson.