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Our gift to you this month: A FREE copy of The Great Commandment Principle
How relevant is the modern day church to hurting and needy people?
How effective are today’s followers of Jesus in meeting the real needs of people?

To a vast number of the unchurched, we are answering questions they are not asking. We are providing solutions to problems they don’t face. We are often irrelevant to the people we need to reach the most. They leave our gatherings feeling just as alone as when they came.

The Great Commandment Principle unpacks a simple but profound way of relating to God and others that will restore great relevance to the church while deepening your personal relationships with others.
Downstream in America, we find the symptoms and signs of church irrelevance, fragmented relationships, cultural decay, moral decline, and love growing cold… but Upstream, we find hope through unified, prevailing prayer, pastor renewal, courageous preaching, and a prayer-care-share lifestyle among Christ-followers. Learn More
The Great Commandment Network works alongside Awakening America to develop the resources of Preach2Engage. (GCN) is an international, collaborative network of strategic Kingdom leaders who prioritize the powerful simplicity of the words of Jesus to love God, love others, and see others become His followers (Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20).