August 2018 Free Resources
Spirit-empowered Faith Sermon

Loving the Lord is Hindered by Unforgiveness

Download the Sermon


40 Discipleship Outcomes

Download the 40 Spirit-empowered Faith Discipleship Outcomes! These outcomes are integrated into each  sermon.
Promotional Graphics for Email, Social Media, and Sunday Morning
Our goal is to serve you, pastors, and make your life easier!
Download this month's graphics package below. Inside the zipped folder you will find JPGs designed to be used for most standard printing, social media posting and projection.

Along with those images you should find the actual fonts used to develop them and some suggestions we have made on how to use all of this great stuff. ​You can use any of it, none of it, or customize it to your individual marketing and communication strategies. God bless!
The Great Commandment Network (GCN) is an international collaborative network of strategic Kingdom leaders who prioritize the powerful simplicity of loving God, loving others, and seeing them become Jesus followers (Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20). The GCN team has developed the Preach2Engage resources in support of the Awakening America Alliance.