November- Prayer, Care, Share Strategies


Prayer leads to better care.
There’s an occupational hazard for pastors:
Someone always needs them. There are always church members who need care, counsel, wisdom, and direction. And at the same time, there will always be people outside the church who need the gospel. Those demands and needs create unique pressures for every pastor.
How can you support your pastor? 
31 Days of Praying for My Pastor  provides inspiration and insight into what it means to be a pastor, along with Scriptures, prayers, and promises to declare over your pastor. God has given you your pastor for a purpose. Ask a friend to join you and support this spiritual leader through prayer. All of you will be blessed.


Embrace the children of prisoners in your community by providing them with a Christmas gift, given in love, on behalf of their incarcerated parent.
For more information,
all 1-800-55ANGEL (26435) or visit​


Two NEW Resources suitable for one-on-one discipleship and small group settings

“His book is a vivid and compelling testimony to the truth that the gospel in all of its fullness is still (in Paul’s words) “the power of God for salvation of everyone who believes.” As he recounts, Tom has experienced that truth in his own life, and I believe every reader of his book will experience it too as they open their hearts to the molding and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.”
– Billy Graham
Does your reading of God’s word move beyond simply knowing truth to really experiencing it?
Imagine this: You’ve just begun a journey in the Experiential Gospel of John. It’s as if you’re going for a walk. As you read and work through this resource, we invite you to walk:
In the Light of God’s Son: John 8:12
In the Light of God’s Word: Ps. 119:105
In the Light of God’s People: Matt. 5:14
Prayer Goals for the Outpouring of God's Spirit
​Compassionate Care:
Increased care for the hungry and homeless, the most vulnerable and needy.
Radical Generosity: Commitment to radical generosity as evidenced by compassion ministries and global missions.