March - Prayer, Care, Share Strategies

LOVE2020 is a call to followers of Jesus everywhere to be
loving to others by living a simple and powerful lifestyle of praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around them in deed and word.
March 1-April 9
LOVE2020 partner Waymakers’ Seek God for the City gives tested, practical ideas of how to live-out the prayer-care-share lifestyle. Focused on the 40 days before Palm Sunday,
Spanish and children’s versions and a phone app are also available.
THE SHACK in theaters March 3, 2017
​Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, The Shack takes us on a father’s uplifting spiritual journey.
ONE NIGHT ONLY Movie event on March 30, 2017.
​As the Ebola pandemic was sweeping across West Africa in 2014, one organization was willing to step up and fully help the hurting people of Africa … all in the Name of Jesus.  
In theaters April 7, 2017
One man's journey to solve the biggest mystery of all time!
A new resource from Josh and Sean McDowell
What does the resurrection have to do with you?
When Jesus died on the cross, it seemed that all had been lost. Death had won. But after three days in a rich man’s tomb, Jesus appeared . . . alive! The news was so shocking that his followers refused to believe it, until they saw him with their own eyes. Then Jesus made some amazing promises. His resurrection
would change every aspect of their lives and their futures.
 In this fascinating look at the claims of the Gospel writers and two thousand years of believing Christians, Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell examine the compelling evidence and present the facts about the resurrection . . . and what it means for you today.
This 64 page booklet is perfect for church outreach or giving to skeptical friends or family.   Click on the image to order.
March FREE Resource
​Order a FREE copy of The Story of Jesus (The Passion Translation)
Download 4 FREE sample chapters from the Experiential Gospel of John. 
 The exercises in the Experiential Gospel of John  are created to move beyond seeking to simply know or study God’s truth and move toward actually experiencing it.
Why is this important? It's only an experiential, Spirit-empowered faith that can change our lives and the lives of those around us.
IMAGINE 2017 is coming in September
Prayer Goals for the Outpouring of God's Spirit
​City Transformations : ​Among churches, a passionate pursuit for the well-being of their cities through the planting of new congregations, benevolent ministries, practical service, and focused evangelism