What is War Room?

Go to see WAR ROOM! This stirring new film from the award-winning creators of Courageous arrives in theaters August 28, 2015. Plan to host an evening with neighbors and friends. Share some dessert and great after-movie discussion about relationships and the power of prayer in today's world. 

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What You Can Do...

  • ​​Offer four tickets for the price of two to encourage your couples to go on double dates with their unchurched friends
  • Encourage your high school or college ministries to enjoy a group outing followed by a discussion on the power of prayer.
  • Plan a Prayer series leading up to the release of War Room on August 28th, 2015 to help people embrace the priority of prayer.
  • Engage your prayer ministry team in promoting War Room as an opportunity to expand intercessory prayer ministry in your church.