Old Fashioned

What is Old Fashioned?

Chivalry, it's one of those old fashioned concepts that became outdated and passe somewhere along the way. Chivalry has as much to do with a Hollywood love story these days as a silent movie. Look  no further than this Valentine Day's big release: Fifty Shades of Grey. Based on the multi-million selling book, this film about sex, and abuse is Hollywood's idea of a blockbuster love story.

Then there's Old Fashioned, an independent film that is also coming to theaters on Valentine's Day weekend. Old Fashioned dares to encourage moviegoers to find something beyond today's hook-up culture that leaves people longing for so much more.

Old Fashioned is a faith-based love story about Clay, a former frat boy whose relationship with Christ impacts the way he looks at life and relationships; and Amber, a free-spirited woman who has felt the pain of dating relationships. Together, they attempt the impossible: an old-fashioned courtship in contemporary America! Old Fashioned is a love story that inspires a genuine hunger for Godly Romance.

Visit ‚Äčoldfashionedmovie.com for more info!

What You Can Do...

  • Purchase an Old Fashioned showtime on Valentine's Day weekend and creatively utilize the tickets.
  • Plan a Relationship series leading up to Valentine's Day to help people see God's design for relationships.
  • Host a couples' night out starting with dinner at your church, followed by the movie -- your youth ministry can even provide free babysitting!
  • Offer four tickets for the price of two to encourage your couples to go on double dates with their unchurched friends
  • Have a group Valentine's date for your Singles ministry: make it a memorable night for singles with a special dinner and the movie.
  • Mother-Daughter (or Father-Son) movie night including coffee and a guided discussion of what Godly romance and relationships truly look like.
  • Encourage your high school or college ministries to enjoya group outing followed by a discussion on healthy, Godly relationships.
  • You can find more ideas and great resources at oldfashionedmovie.com/churchresources