Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

What is Patterns of Evidence?

Did the Exodus really happen? This was the Question that launched filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on a 12-year investigation of archaeology, history, and the Bible. What he found was an amazing pattern of evidence that matched every step of the Exodus story.

Patterns of Evidence is a project featuring films, books, study materials and other resources that investigate the validity of the Bible. Starting with the Exodus, the investigations uncover new and underappreciated finds that shed light onto some of the biggest mysteries in history. There has never been a time when our nation was more in need of a project like this.

Next Steps

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Join us on the Journey...

The world's most prominent mainstream archaelogists are claiming that there is no evidence that the Exodus ever happened. Their findings are shaping the way that millions of people view the credibility of the Bible. Doubts about this foundational issue are rocking the Church with even some pastors now teaching that the ancient accounts found in the Bible are not actual history. 

But what if the experts have been looking for the Exodus in the wrong time period? The evidence revealed in this film is sure to encourage and uplift the faithful, as well as give those who are skeptical cause to take a second look. In fact, atheists have given the film high marks for its fairness and the content has motivated believers to share it with their friends. Come along with us as Patterns of Evidence boldly engages the debate yet winsomely offers evidence that upholds the truth of God's word.